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Carlisle photo gallery!

Alexander's 2 yr picture. Cathy and Alexander's Christmas picture
Melissa took this cute photo of Alexander
This is mommy's favorite picture!
Alexander at eight months
Alexander and his mother Cathy Ann
Alexander's "official" one-year photo
Alexander and Grandpa!
Alexander and Mom given love!
Alexander just hanging around... 
Anchors away, my boy!
Ooo..take my picture please!
What a happy baby!
Alexander Dean Carlisle
Alexander loves to be chased!
Alexander on his 1st Birthday at Discovery Zone
Alexander sitting down on the job!
Hey! look at my butt!
Mommy loves this t-shirt!!
Alexander's "official" 18 month picture

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Cheruk photo gallery.

Hey Dad! You like it soo much you wear it!!
Samantha's showing Sisi the big Island!  
Welcome to the Cheruk's new home.  
Samantha Maria looking cute as can be
Samantha sitting on Mommy's bed.
Beautiful Suzanne Cheruk
What a picture!! Guess who the baby is!
Cute little Samantha at halloween '97
Walter and Sam on his computer camara!
The Cheruk Family picture '97.
Merry Christmas from Samantha '97
Grandma and Samantha
Samantha and Walter enjoying each others company
Mother and Daughter what a pair...

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 J.D. Colón photo gallery!

Dona Rosa
Rosa Maria Capó Navarro

Johnny (Concepción Colón)

Jorge David Colón:
Jorge David and Patricia Colón
Jorge and careful with that cake!
Up, up and away!
Morocco 1985
Patricia 1984...I'm guessing Spain!
A stroll through the Madrid, Spain Zoo,1986
Miguel Colón-Capó
It's Dan the MAN!!
A fabulous picture of Terri! (thank you Terri!)
Millie with Mike and Maria at their wedding.
Mikie and Terri at his big day!
The infamous feeding of the cake!
Ashley Iliana (Mikie's eyes!) 7 yrs. old
The latest Colón Family: Nov. 23, 1997
Daniel and his Candy Cane
Miguel Colón-Capó...looking good!
Miguel Colón-Capó
What a great smile, Mike!
Uncle Mike enjoying some beautiful scenery!
Mike, it looks like a jungle out there!
More great close-up's of Miguel.
Miguel takes some great pictures.
John Edgar Colón
John Edgar Colón
Eddie Colón
Michael and Sharyn on their wedding day.  
We got a great picture of Steve!  
Steven looking handsome as ever.  
Beautiful Claudine.. she's not a baby anymore!  
Rosa Maria Colón 

Eddie relaxing after a long day's work!
Woo Hoo Rosie!!..
Merry Merry Christmas from Jesse, Rosie, and Sue!
Rosie and Eddie
Rosie and her favorite grandson!
Rosie, Rosie, Rosie..
Rosie's first school teacher picture..1974!
Little Steven.. isn't he cute!!

David Colón

David and his Favorite Nephew!
David as ... Superman!

John Colón

John Colón... don't I look cute??
John-John on his 6th birthday
John, Danielle, and John Jr.
looks like someone likes his bath!
John Paul Colón Jr.
Little John with his best friend!

Sammy Colón

Jesse with Coco Taso and El Boboso...(hey..if that's not who they are.. it's Walter's fault!!)
Little Justin and Jesse

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Darnell photo gallery!
Marcus Dale 4 yrs. old  
Marcus at 4 saying Here we go again! The make me do this every Birthday!!  
Marcus, Sisi, and Titi Rosie in Disneyland For our Sister Reunion!  
The best picture of  Nana and Marcus        
Marcus Dale at his adorable best
Marcus and his teddy bear
Papi and Miriam
Marcus's first school picture!
Marcus's Christmas picture 1996

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Announcing Carlos and Michelle's Wedding Album!


Congratulations, Michelle!
The happy couple..
Michelle and Carlos saying " I do"
Michelle and Samantha together!  
Another picture of Michelle and Sam!

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Espinoza photo gallery!

They always say she was the prettiest baby...
Jonathan in disguise!
Jonathan in his yellow belt
The Espinozas (Christmas '96)
Jonathan and Roni with their halloween faces!
Jonathan Enrique on his bike
Jonathan is Tai Kwon Do-ing it! Look out for that kick...
See what great technique can do!
Jonathan enjoying a little down time after classes!
Jonathan and Veronica enjoying the Animaniacs!
Alvaro and Deborah Espinoza.
Jonathan's fabulous Tai Kwon Do picture.
Jonathan's favorite picture of the bunch!
Veronica's school picture.

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Lopez photo gallery!

The Lopez Family and Michael
Michelle as a baby..
The bride and her parents
A picture of Ruthy...
Ruthy looking beautiful at Michelle's wedding!

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Peter and Renee Martinez
The Martinez Family
Stephany's school picture
Renee, Rosie, Janae (13), Elaina (10), and Stephany (6)

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Is it me or do these two always look great!
Marcus and Melissa as young children
Melissa, baby girl!
Melissa at 16 (Wow! What a beaut'!)
Melissa holding Jamison
Marcus's senior year photo
The Nightengales
The Nightengale family at Marcus's high school graduation
The Nightengale family (Christmas '96)
Melissa's senior picture.. she is soo beautiful...
Melissa's other senior picture..
Melissa Elaine 1996

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Pamer Movie

 Pamer photo gallery!

Jordan's 2 yr. picture.. he had a cold this day...hence the red checks.
What a beautiful picture of our Jordan at 6mths!
One of my favorite pictures of Joshua at 3 yrs.
Jamison's first day home with Titi Judy
Jamison with Uncle Mike at his dedication.
Joshua 2 1/2 and Jordan 9 mths. proof he loves his brother!
Jamison's one year picture!
Josh getting ready to blow out those 3 whole candles.

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Melody Rhose on her birthday!
The Robinsons (Christmas '96)
vrmmm vrmmm.. there goes Issac!!
Issac sitting on his great Christmas present!
Gigi Robinson...

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Gloria Esther this picture.
Me in one of our many visits to Yosemite.
Michael's passport picture! Hey! It's the only pic we have!!
Rosado Family... keep in mind Catherine had a fever this day!

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Hey!  that's the skyway at Disneyland!!
The Teichers in heaven!
Lucy and Issy about to be swept away.
Vicki looks pretty happy with her new pony!
Lucy's first fishing trip ever. Way to go! :-)
The Teichers (Christmas '96)

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Family Groups

 Family photo gallery!

The Entire Pamer Family!
Sean, Catherine, Jordan and Joshua Pamer
The Colón-Capó siblings and their uncle and aunt
The Díaz-Colón clan (reunion '95)
The Cheruk family after Samantha Maria's baptism on 6-29-97
The Colón Brothers and Sister's at Deborah's Wedding in 1985
The Colón Family Portrait 1985
The Family Photo 1985
The Colón Family Photo in 1990 at Catherine's (mine!) Wedding.
Lopez's, Miguel Colón's family and Uncle Jorge...
Grandma, Papi, Jorge, Patricia and Gloria enjoying our favorite pastime!
Patricia, Rosie,Chickie, Sammy, Justin and Sue.. June 1981
Uncle Jorge in Spain 1986

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Other Photographs

Wow! Check out Gigi and Debbie!!
Mami, Papi Guelo, Sammy, Judy and Miriam
Grandma and Michelle!! Isn't that sweet!
Mami and Ruthy from one of thier trips to CA.
Miriam's idea of helping...serve it up!
Grandma, Grandpa, Ruthy, Michelle..and look close..that's me in the corner!!
Segunda Tanda with Debbie and baby Michael!
Vicki and Michelle admiring her newest doll!
Who's birthday may this be? Mike and Johnny!
The kids celebrating David's birthday
Lucy and Rosie in Puerto Rico I believe!
The first two kissing cousins!
Sammy! What kinda bath is that!
Everyone happily waiting for Michelle
Michelle, Mike and Judy
Miriam Darnell and Judy Nightengale
The Colón-Capó sisters in Utah
Lucy, Ruthy, Rosie, Judy, and Melissa
Marcus and Justin together

Swingin' sisters!
well... well.. well.. who may these two be?
Patricia and Pompo 1985

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