We have created this page because we...well...love to share!!
That and everyone wants credit for something, so now we can give them all their due right here!!

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Walter / Mike R. / Cathy / Jorge David / Catherine (Trina) / Sean / web page designs
Sammy / Debbie / Mike Colón / Peter

   Walter, being the king of the net that he is, has donated the most to the creation of this page. There isn't a time when you've, in passing, said something to him and voila!! you have more links and information than you know what to do with! So for that, Walter, thank you. Here are some of his favorite places to be...

Farts.com - As quintessentially rude as this may seem to some, Walter knew how fond we are of this topic! Of course, he found a web page on it, knowing that there's a page for everything on the Web!

Freddie's online Puerto Rican Cookbook - Walter...always looking for good cooking. This is one great page for authentic Puerto Rican cooking.

On-line games - Well OK, some of you may not be game players, including Walter, but he did introduce this insane place to a few of us. :) Consequently, Cathy Carlisle and I are hooked on Acrophobia! You don't know JACK isn't too bad either!

Hispanic Online - This is a Hispanic magazine.

   Mike, being the webmaster that he is, has quite a few of his own pages...

AOL Hispanic Genealogy Group - This is Mike's other genealogy site which he designed and maintains.

Search Jars.Com - Mike says this is his favorite site (besides java.com) for JAVAscripts and applets.

New York Tax Master's Financial Calculators - Links to calculators for just about every financial question you can imagine. Lease vs. buy, annuities, loan payments, return on investment, etc.

   Jorge David has many interests and surfs everywhere! Here's some of his favorites...

Beaner Banner - This newsletter is a collaboration between him and two of his Air Force buddies.

          Silent Warriors- This newsletter is Uncle Jorge's next stop after visiting the Beaner Banner.

          Welcome to Puerto Rico- Another site J.D. will be helping with soon!

   Sammy keeps us in touch with our roots...Puerto Rican ones, that is!...

Puerto Rico Boriken - This site is dedicated to Puerto Ricans that have learned to cherish Boriken.

   Debbie hunts down all the websites that are children friendly...

World Village - World Village is very family safe. Tons of activities for the kids!

   Miguel's interests span many areas. Here's a few...

Life Extension Foundation - This website is useful in staying updated on the latest health news.
Young Living Essential Oils-Here a web page I just opened up with these people who market Essential Oils.
I am very impressed with them and I hope you will be too. I started with
their "Essential 7" and I love it.

   Peter, a pioneer of our Internet family, has some contributions, too...

New Kingdom Ministries International - One of our family's favorite ministers is on the Web!

These web page links have been very helpful in creating some of designs we have on this site. Most of them have free clip art, but some ask for recognition. In honor of that request, we have created this page and will put all their links here!

The Clip Art Connection - This web site has tons of free clip art and links to other websites.

A+ Art - This one would be my second favorite site to check out when I'm looking for new graphics!!

Espresso Graphic - Thanks to Alvaro who found this one. It's my favorite. It's got a ton of animation and is very well organized. We've gotten quite a few graphics from here. Some are free, some require recognition. Just pick and choose!

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